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Please email or call if interested in any of our livestock related offerings 503 816-5529

Gotland Sheep 

We can’t say enough about what wonderful, high-value, low mantainence animals Gotlands have been for us.  If you have pasture what are you waiting for? www.americangotlandsheep.org

All our lamb is already claimed for 2015.  Again, everyone loves Gotland lamb!

I have about twenty amazing silvery, almost black, and creamy white long-wool gotland fleeces in storage that are for sale. $25-45/lb. It’s not cheap, but it is incredible.  In you are an interested buyer, please call  or email me to make an appointment. Otherwise look for us at the Black Sheep Festival in Eugene in June 19-21st or the Flock and Fiber Festival in Canby in September 26.

American Bress Chickens

Our chickens are basically homesteaders that live off the fat of the land.  I do feed them, but mostly they sleep in the trees, not in their coop, and forage for their best treasures around the farm.

Now I have some what are supposed to be the world’s most delicious chickens that I am currently using for egg production.  What? Well, if I tasted one, I’m sure I would go back to raising meat birds, and I am really not interested right now. At least while I still have some red rangers in the freezer.

I read the entire story only a month ago, and all I remember is that they are originally from France and of course, they could never leave the country as the French have the corner of the market on every exceptional culinary treasure. Somehow we did it, and now the world most delicious birds are here.  If you want in on these beautiful and tasty creatures, just call.  I have connections.


It’s true, we eat our rabbits.  Just don’t tell the farm campers.  There is still one escaped bunny running around the barn eating alfalfa that we can’t seem to catch.  It’s ghost bunny reincarnated.  We will get some new bunnies in the Spring for breeding and sweet baby buns.










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