Springbank Farm's Blueberries


All year we look forward to enjoying fresh blueberries in the summer and re-stocking our frozen supplies so we can have them daily in our yogurt, ice cream, pancakes and muffins, and just by themselves. In season, the farm swells with a flurry of U-pick activity for people who like to come out and share the joy of picking on our beautiful riverfront farm. We will also pick berries to order. Either way, ordering early is strongly encouraged because when they’re ripe they go quickly. We also offer frozen fruit throughout the year in case you run out! Just call or email!


With a strong focus on selling our fruit locally, we are pleased to offer blueberries to restaurants, retailers, and institutions. We are especially proud of our growing relationships with local schools and hospitals, and consider it our personal mission to ensure that Springbank Farm blueberries are available fresh and frozen to our local community. Early ordering is encouraged, and delivery is available. We have 3 acres of early fruit, 6 acres of mid-season, and 3 acres of late mid-season. With 7 varieties, there are several flavor profiles and characteristics from which to choose. Just ask us for details.


Springbank Farm