About Springbank Farm


Springbank Farm is a 12-acre blueberry operation owned and operated by Brian and Michelle O’Driscoll, situated through a family partnership on the grounds of O/D Riverside Ranch, owned by Paul and Phyllis O’Driscoll since the early 1970’s, and officially founded by the John Reed family in 1912. The farm grew potatoes and melons, among other crops, back in the day, and in more recent decades wheat, corn, sugarbeets, alfalfa, hay, oats, barley, and other crops. Our current principle crops are blueberries and asparagus, which we offer to the public from our farm and deliver to numerous restaurants, retailers, and institutions.

We’re eternally grateful to Brian’s parents, Paul and Phyllis O’Driscoll, for having the vision back in the late ‘60’s to abandon a suburban cul-de-sac for the great agrarian adventure.

The entire farm is comprised of 320 acres, including 190 acres of prime river-bottom farm ground, 85 acres of timbered hillside, and several acres of pasture and woodlands. Located just two miles east of the city limits of Lebanon, Oregon, the farm enjoys the beauty and seclusion provided by the bordering waters of the South Santiam River and Hamilton Creek. The property features panoramic views, luxuriant forests, wildlife, diverse tree and plant life, trails and waterfront, and particularly diverse bird life, including bald eagles, kestrels, herons, owls, wild turkeys, ducks, geese, pheasant, quail, and numerous others.

A central and inspiring feature on the farm is an 8,400 square foot, 1912 timber-framed barn, built with hand-hewn and milled timber from the property, situated within a few hundred feet of Berlin Road and on the banks of Hamilton Creek. The name Springbank Farm still adorns the red barn in faded white letters, readable to passers-by on Berlin Road, the main access road to Lebanon from the northeast. We adopted this name for our farm out of our sense of connection with the farm’s history and previous inhabitants, the Halls and the Reeds.

The Reed family, previous owners of the farm and builders of the barn, acquired the farm in the 1890’s, and were instrumental in founding the Reed School, a one-room schoolhouse across the road on the grounds of Hamilton Creek School. In the Spring of 2010, through a partnership with the Lebanon Community School District, we relocated the Reed School onto our farm and began the long road of rennovation, with the ultimate goal of using it to provide farm-based educational programs for local youth.

Springbank Farm